She's still trapped in the sword.... wandering through the now hazy memories... what was his name again.... link...?


missmonstur replied to your post:seriously though even when people make jokes about…

I knew someone who couldn’t stand an anime I really like, all because they hated the fandom. Instead of just keeping out of my conversation, they would find it amusing to interrupt and explain how terrible a show it really is. Oh, some people >.>

its people like that that really piss me off i mean something like a show or a game or a character can be something really special to someone and to say continuously to them that its terrible or it sucks is just unbelievably rude,i mean yeah not everyone is gonna like everything but there’s having an opinion and then there’s just being an asshole about it


Sketch of a poster dedicated to give encouragement to victims of bullying.

I was a bullying victim as a child, so I am greatly concerned with the subject. I can understand the sadness they may feel. These children not only need help. They also need courage.

And Link is the best symbol of courage for a lot of people.

Sorry for being so oblivious, but what's a deity link? Where's he from/whats his story? Saw you posted a bunch of him ^\^

don’t apologize anon no need to!! The Fierce Deity is a mask Link can use and is from The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask its the last mask you collect and you can only get it from collecting every other mask,there’s not much info even in-game about him cause he’s a pretty mysterious character but hes very strong and he seems to be the equal to Majora,i assume hes good because well Majora isnt but Nintendo have never really saidimage


Matching icons for you 

and your best friend who got turned into a mask


ゼルダの描いたものいろいろ by まっちょー

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seriously though even when people make jokes about hating my favourite characters it will be all smiles and laughs but i hate youimage

*le long sigh* fierce deity isn't great


ahh i needed that deity fix there